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Picture Yourself Ghost Hunting

Taking ghost photosAre you interested in ghost photos? Start with a book like Picture Yourself Ghost Hunting, by Christopher Balzano.

Cameras change regularly. So do photographic techniques.

People are always learning more about real ghost photos, which are the best ghost photos and which just show someone’s breath on a cold night.

In other words, the field of ghost photography changes all the time.

Despite that, Balzano’s book, Picture Yourself Ghost Hunting, became an instant classic as soon as it was published.  It includes lots of helpful information about ghost photos.

Whether you’re using a digital camera or film, you’ll find some useful tips in this book.  Some of the ghost photos look fake to us, but this is still an entertaining book.

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“Picture Yourself Ghost Hunting: Step-by-Step Instruction for Exploring Haunts and Finding Spirits, Spooks, and Specters” introduces novice paranormal explorers to the history, techniques, and equipment used in the search for proof of life after
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