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Maria’s B-Movie Mayhem: Haunted

Silly, cheesy and ridiculous. Maria’s B-Movie Mayhem: Haunted is one of those B-movie DVDs you play over & over again for laughs, in the background, at a frat house Halloween party.

Wrestling celeb Maria Kanellis introduces this film with a brief skit, but the best mayhem for this movie would be using it at Riff Trax. (As of Dec 2011, nobody had recorded one.)  Suggestion: Make up your own plot, because the movie doesn’t have one.

If you’re looking for a truly silly and ghoulish B-movie, this might be one of the most baffling “ghost” movies, ever.

It features:

  • Terrible acting.
  • Worse dubbing, apparently by actors who were too drunk to speak clearly during the initial filming.
  • We can’t begin to figure out the story.

You’ve heard of “straight to DVD.” We’re not even sure it deserved a DVD.

Want to own this for your next zombie or Halloween party? Wait for the price (new or used) to drop to around $5.  Use it for background when you’re entertaining a crowd, and share it with your friends for their parties, too.

Though it’s described as a ghost story, we couldn’t find any ghosts in it. Not unless you count the vengeful, reincarnated characters who disappear from the story without explanation.

Who’d like this movie? Well, if you’re a fan of cheap and cheesy B-movies, Maria’s stay true to the genre.  They’re ridiculous farces with senseless violence, gratuitous nudity, and everything you expect from Maria’s Code Red films.

Sale Price:$19.98


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