Haunted Histories Collection Megaset

Haunted histories? If you love ghost stories and scary tales about Dracula, zombies, and Voodoo curses, get this huge, 20-DVD set from the History Channel.

A lot of the stories really are history.  If you’re looking for actual ghost hunts, like on the Ghost Hunters TV show, you won’t find much of that on these DVDs.

However, if you’re interested in the real histories behind some of the world’s creepiest haunted places and paranormal tales, this is the DVD set to own.

Here’s what the producers said:

Fascinating stories lie behind even the most horrifying legends. From tortured spirits who haunt otherwise idyllic locations across America, to strange rituals, horrifying apparitions and frightening phenomena, this spine-chilling 20-DVD mega-set …
Sale Price:$69.99


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