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Notes on the book The History and Haunting of The Stanley Hotel

History and Haunting of the Stanley Hotel (Paperback)

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I heard a two hour radio interview with the Rebecca F. Pittman, author of The History and Haunting of The Stanley Hotel.

Rebecca has only written two ghost books but they have really good reviews because of the history she writes about on the locations. She said she believes the history is the bones of the story and the current paranormal activity is the meat of the story. In the interview, she also said that she loves going through the musty old newspapers and articles to research the history and original people of each haunted location.

What I liked about the radio interview is the fact that callers could call in and some had worked at the Stanley hotel and they related stories that verified what was in the book. The impression I got from listening to callers and Rebecca speak was that she really did do the research and people were agreeing with her.

The author also lives just 35 minutes from the hotel which, to me, says she really did have ample opportunity to do the historical research.  She also stayed in the Manor House alone during the off season and has worked on repainting sections of the interior of the hotel.

During the interview she related stories of the original owners of the hotel and stories of individual ghosts that are said to be haunting the place.  A couple callers also had stories that echoed what is in this book.

I have ordered this book and I promise to update this page after I finish it, but from the reviews on Amazon and from the interview i heard, I really think I we won’t be disappointed!

The book has a Facebook page  here.

History and Haunting of the Stanley Hotel

New From: $114.72 USD In Stock

Big Book of Illinois Ghost Stories

If you’re going to learn about Illinois ghosts, start with the expert from the Heartland, Troy Taylor. He tells a great story, every time.

This volume in the Big Book series contains more than 100 stories from haunted locales across the Prairie State. Compiled by Illinois’s best-known author on the paranormal, this collection includes:Permanent guests of the Mineral Springs
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Ghosthunting Pennsylvania

Ms. Guiley knows how to tell a good story. You’ll find many of these locations online or in other books, but this book puts them all together in one guidebook. Some are fact, some are fiction, and all of them are worth exploring. This is a good book to have with you when you’re ghost hunting in PA.

Rosemary Ellen Guiley is a renowned expert on paranormal, visionary, and spiritual topics. She puts her expertise to use in this guide to the scariest sites in the Keystone State. Each destination includes a detailed description and photographs…
Sale Price:$11.78


Haunted Histories Collection Megaset

Haunted histories? If you love ghost stories and scary tales about Dracula, zombies, and Voodoo curses, get this huge, 20-DVD set from the History Channel.

A lot of the stories really are history.  If you’re looking for actual ghost hunts, like on the Ghost Hunters TV show, you won’t find much of that on these DVDs.

However, if you’re interested in the real histories behind some of the world’s creepiest haunted places and paranormal tales, this is the DVD set to own.

Here’s what the producers said:

Fascinating stories lie behind even the most horrifying legends. From tortured spirits who haunt otherwise idyllic locations across America, to strange rituals, horrifying apparitions and frightening phenomena, this spine-chilling 20-DVD mega-set …
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Christopher Balzano – Picture Yourself author

Christopher Balzano is a respected paranormal investigator and author.  His books include Picture Yourself Ghost Hunting.

Here’s how you can learn more about Christopher and his research.

Interview on Black Cat Lounge, in which Balzano talked about haunted Freetown:

Here’s Christopher Balzano on Jeff Belanger’s Internet TV show, 30 Odd Minutes:

Here’s Mr. Balzano talking about the Bridgewater Triangle on Anomalies Radio:

Listen to internet radio with Anomalies on Blog Talk Radio

We like to hear authors talking. Then, when you read what they’ve written — such as Christopher Balzano’s book, Picture Yourself Ghost Hunting — you’ll get more meaning from it.  You already know the author’s humor (Balzano is a funny guy) and views.


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