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Ghost Hunters: Season Five, Part Two

The all-real supernatural adventures of Jason and Grant, plumbers by day and ghost hunters by night, get even scarier in the hit fifth season! Now one of TV’s most popular shows returns as Jason, Grant and the rest of the TAPS team cross the
Sale Price:$24.98


Haunted: Ghost Stories

Ghost stories TV seriesRip Torn was the host and narrator of Ghost Stories, a popular ghost TV series in 1997 and 1998, long before Ghost Hunters aired.

The episodes are described as “terror from beyond the grave.”

These ghost stories are usually re-enactments of actual encounters with ghosts, and a few urban legends.  This series was filmed shortly after Rip Torn’s success with the movie, Men In Black, so he’s in full matter-of-fact mode when he tells these tales.  Likeable guy.  Good stories.

Most of the ghost stories end with a twist or a moral message, a slightly raised eyebrow and an occasional smirk from Torn.  It’s an “all in good fun” series of scary and not-so-scary stories.

Here are the 16 ghost stories. Some of the titles match classic urban legends, making this a great set to own:

  • Cold in the Grave
  • Landscape of Lost Dreams
  • Personal Demons
  • You’ll Wake the Dead
  • Mirror, Mirror
  • You’ll Always Be Mine
  • Back Ward
  • Beware the Muse
  • The Stainless Blade
  • Wake in Fear
  • Last Flight Out
  • Resting Place
  • Stepsister
  • All Night Diner
  • Beat the Reaper
  • Green-Eyed Monster

The run time is about 325 minutes.  That’s over five and a half hours of great ghost stories to watch with the lights turned out.

Here’s what the DVD publisher said about this TV series:

Drifting spirits. Haunting premonitions. The doomed and cursed are ready to plague your nightmares, scare you senseless, and have you shrieking for more! Gather ’round the fire for 16 spine-tingling tales of terror from beyond the grave…
Sale Price:$12.98


Ghost Hunters: Season 6: Part 2

13 New Episodes 100% Real Investigations Plumbers by day, paranormal investigators by night…the TAPS gang is back in one of TV’s most popular shows. Jason and Grant, America’s favorite spirit sleuths, return with more unforgettable adventures
Sale Price:$24.98


Seeking Spirits: The Lost Cases of The Atlantic Paranormal Society

You wanna know what didn’t get onto the TV, when the TAPS team investigated some of those sites? This is the book to read.

This book also includes information, sometimes really personal stories, about the members of the Ghost Hunters TV show.

In Seeking Spirits, you’ll find tales that will make you laugh.  Others will scare you, maybe a lot.  And the creepiest part is, they’re all true.

This is another book we figure is a must-read.  Get a copy for yourself, and all your friends will ask to borrow it when you’ve finished reading it.

Just be sure you get the book back.  These are stories you’ll re-read, and each time they’ll be funnier or scarier than before.

TV’s POPULAR GHOST HUNTERS REVEAL ALL-NEW, NEVER-BEFORE-TOLD STORIES FROM THEIR SPOOKY EARLY INVESTIGATIONS! For the first time ever, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, founders of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (T.A.P.S.), share their most …
Sale Price:$16.99


Haunted Histories Collection Megaset

Haunted histories? If you love ghost stories and scary tales about Dracula, zombies, and Voodoo curses, get this huge, 20-DVD set from the History Channel.

A lot of the stories really are history.  If you’re looking for actual ghost hunts, like on the Ghost Hunters TV show, you won’t find much of that on these DVDs.

However, if you’re interested in the real histories behind some of the world’s creepiest haunted places and paranormal tales, this is the DVD set to own.

Here’s what the producers said:

Fascinating stories lie behind even the most horrifying legends. From tortured spirits who haunt otherwise idyllic locations across America, to strange rituals, horrifying apparitions and frightening phenomena, this spine-chilling 20-DVD mega-set …
Sale Price:$69.99


Ghost Files: The Collected Cases from Ghost Hunting and Seeking Spirits

Only a few ghost hunters are so reliable and consistent, we buy their books as soon as they’re released. The TAPS guys, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, are among those few.

If you want a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most haunted places the Ghost Hunters have been, this book has gotta be on your bookshelf.

On TV, we don’t get to see all of what happens with the TAPS team.  To get the real story, you have to read their books.

This book is easily on our list of top 10 favorite ghost hunting books.

FINALLY IN ONE BONE-CHILLING VOLUME, TV’S GHOST HUNTERS SHARE ALL OF THEIR CREEPY TRUE STORIES OF UNEXPLAINED PHENOMENA! What did a paranormal investigation uncover at the Stanley Hotel in Colorado, the hotel built in 1903 that inspired Stephen King …
Sale Price:$17.01


Ghost Hunters: Season 6: Part 1

Ghost Hunters at Alcatraz Live show

Ghost Hunters Alcatraz Live Show, on Syfy

Ghost Hunters is the TV series that started the current popular trend of ghost hunting reality shows.  It’s the biggest, oldest, and many would say it’s the best ghost hunting show on TV.

Season Six had its best and worst moments.

Fans were glad to see the Ghost Hunters get back on track after Ghost Hunters Academy struggled to show what it’s like to learn to investigate ghosts.

The “Housewives of Atlanta” episode drew mixed reviews, as the crossover seemed a stretch that was purely for ratings.  Jason and Grant looked like they couldn’t wait to for the cameras to stop filming.

However, the Alcatraz live special was a huge success.  The addition of Dustin Pari and Barry Fitzgerald (who appeared on Ghost Hunters International) made this show one of the top 10 best Ghost Hunters episodes, ever.

So, despite a few rocky moments, this season was a favorite among viewers, and this set of DVDs (Season 6, Part 1) includes the best episodes:

  • Alcatraz (Ghost Hunters Alcatraz Live!) , CA. Included Dustin Pari and Barry Fitzgerald.
  • Fort Ticonderoga, NY
  • Shamrock Spirits – Paddy Reilly’s Irish Pub, NYC.
  • Phantoms of Jersey – Absecon Lighthouse, Atlantic City, and Stephen Crane House.
  • Touched by Evil – Southern Mansion, Cape May, NJ.
  • Haunted Reform School – Preston Castle
  • Ghosts in the Attic – Grzelak residence, plus New Jersey Bar & Grille.
  • Inn of the Dead – Orleans Inn, Cape Cod, MA.
  • Spirits of the Night – Scully residence.
  • Norwich State, CT.
  • Haunted Hotel – Otesaga Hotel, Cooperstown, NY.
  • America’s First Zoo – Philadelphia, PA.

Here’s the publisher’s description of this set of Season 6/Part 1 DVDs:

All-real supernatural adventures. The TAPS gang is back in action. Celebrate a milestone as America’s favorite paranormal investigators, the Ghost Hunters, kick off their triumphant sixth season with their live 100th episode. For this epic …
Sale Price:$24.98


Ghost Hunters Alcatraz Episode

Ghost Hunters Alcatraz Live! was one of the most popular Ghost Hunters episodes ever.  It kicked off Season Six. Whew! It was a relief after watching Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango struggle with Ghost Hunters Academy.

Syfy brought in the dynamic duo of Dustin Pari and Barry Fitzgerald, to be sure this live episode would be a success.  Those two Ghost Hunters International stars were among the brightest ghost hunters on any TV show, and each brings something extra to any show they’re on.

So, it’s no surprise that we like the DVD set, Ghost Hunters – Season 6, Part 1.  In fact, we like it a lot.

Here’s a clip from the show, courtesy of Syfy.


Christopher Balzano – Picture Yourself author

Christopher Balzano is a respected paranormal investigator and author.  His books include Picture Yourself Ghost Hunting.

Here’s how you can learn more about Christopher and his research.

Interview on Black Cat Lounge, in which Balzano talked about haunted Freetown:

Here’s Christopher Balzano on Jeff Belanger’s Internet TV show, 30 Odd Minutes:

Here’s Mr. Balzano talking about the Bridgewater Triangle on Anomalies Radio:

Listen to internet radio with Anomalies on Blog Talk Radio

We like to hear authors talking. Then, when you read what they’ve written — such as Christopher Balzano’s book, Picture Yourself Ghost Hunting — you’ll get more meaning from it.  You already know the author’s humor (Balzano is a funny guy) and views.


Ghost Hunters Funniest Moments

When you’re a Ghost Hunter like Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango, simply going to work can get pretty serious.

Like it’s not enough to be dealing with dead people, ghosts of murderers, shadow people, and spirits who talk directly to them, the Ghost Hunters team also have to deal with camera crews and bad weather.

For every one hour of TV you see on Ghost Hunters on Syfy, the TAPS team were on-site for up to three full days. They’re often working 10+ hours, every day.  When the weather is bitterly cold or rainy, it’s a pretty miserable way to punch a clock.  A lot of those haunted places aren’t heated.

Let’s not even talk about the smell, the rats, the spiders and bugs, and other normal creepy stuff the TAPS team deal with daily, as they investigate haunted places.

In these clips from the TV series, you’ll see how the guys break the tension with silly bets, practical jokes, and a few pranks. (8 minute video.)


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