The Ghost-Hunting Casebook

These 99 files, from one of the world’s most sought-after ghost-hunters, will make a believer out of you! Here are cases of levitating objects, evil spirits, noises from the past, and visions of people long since departed–as they were reported by
Sale Price:$9.75


Haunted New York City: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena

America s most populated city is also home to many ghosts and strange creatures of the night. The most bizarre and frightening stories of the paranormal from the five boroughs are compiled in this volume, including the phantom searching for lost
Sale Price:$9.95


Return To The Cemetery : More Ghosts And Hauntings

Gregory Branson-Trent presents his second book in a series, about the world of the paranormal. Return To The Cemetery: More Ghosts And Hauntings, presents an indispensable guide to finding and investigating ghosts and hauntings. This book takes the
Sale Price:$19.99


Ghost Hunting Paranormal Guide Start Your Own Ghost Hunter Group!

Have an Interest in the Paranormal?This complete step by step guide instructs you on how to form your very own professional Ghost Hunting Group.-Covers needed equipment and what works best in the field.-Sample opening/closing prayers to protect
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True Ghosts: Haunting Tales From the Vaults of FATE Magazine

From the vaults of FATE Magazine come true stories of encounters with ghosts, phantoms, and haunted places. An elderly waitress silently serves breakfast to two friends at an eerily deserted diner—and the next day, the friends discover the
Sale Price:$5.12


Ghost Hunters: Live from ”The Shining” Hotel

Jason, Grant and the ‘Ghost Hunters’ team revisit the notoriously haunted Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado for a live Halloween-night investigation! Stephen King took up residence at the Stanley while writing his best-selling novel The Shining
Sale Price:$9.98


Ghost Hunter’s Guide to Indianapolis

The possibility of the paranormal has become prevalent in television and movies in recent years. Now both the novice and the more experienced researcher can investigate haunted sites for themselves. This intriguing account covers everything from
Sale Price:$14.95


Haunted Illinois: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Prairie State

The mysterious and often violent history of Illinois has made the state a haven for restless spirits. This volume explores the supernatural side of the Prairie State, with stories on the horrors of an old slave house, the numerous spirits of
Sale Price:$10.95


Ghosts Caught on Film 3: Photographs of ghostly phenomena

Ghosts Caught on Film 3 is an all-new compendium of more extraordinary phenomena caught on film.Featuring a selection of contemporary ghost pictures collected as part of a ground-breaking survey by popular psychologist, Richard Wiseman and leading
Sale Price:$16.99


Ghost Hunters International: Season One, Part One

This hit spin-off of the popular Ghost Hunters features a new team of all-real paranormal investigators — Robb Demarest, Dustin Pari, Brandy Green, and Barry FitzGerald — who use scientific techniques to explore the worlds most famous
Sale Price:$54.99


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